Do's and Don'ts for Sugar Babies

Here are some common DO's and DON'Ts for sugar babies to keep in mind at all times.   ["First date" DOs and DON'Ts are covered in another article entitled, FIRST DATE Do's and Don'ts for Sugar Babies]

THE DOs for Sugar Babies
1)  DO have sex on every single date with your sugar daddy (except the very first date).

2)  DO keep yourself clean and smelling fresh everywhere.

3)  DO keep yourself completely shaved.

4)  DO handle the birth control aspect of your relationship.  This means you should not insist that he wear a condom, although that’s negotiable.  Most men don't want to wear a condom.

5)  DO be very nice to him at all times.

6)  DO work with him around his schedule so that you see each other when it works best for him.

7)  DO look nice for him at all times.  This means wearing makeup, and looking your hottest.

8)  DO your best to spend as much time with him as he wants.  Some sugar daddies have tight schedules, and can only spend an hour or two with you.  Others may have more time, and want to either go to dinner, in addition to the obvious.

THE DON'Ts for Sugar Babies
1) DON'T talk about your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife - ever.  Trust me - he does not want to hear about it.

2)  DON'T discuss any of your own personal drama with him.  He has his own drama, and he is spending time with you to avoid drama.

3)  DON'T create any drama with him.  Again, he has his own drama elsewhere in his life, and he is spending time with you to avoid that drama.

4)  DON'T be a brat - ever.  This means don't be demanding about anything.  If you need extra assistance at times, ask for it nicely and when the time is right - never insist upon anything.  Being bratty is a huge turn off for a sugar daddy!

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If this site seems expensive to a sugar baby, then remember that you will recover the 3-month fee by the second date with your new sugar daddy.  Why the "second date"?  Because it is always best and safe to keep your first date only conversational - and use that first date as an "interview" for the second date, and beyond.  Always be safe!!!

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