Do's and Don'ts for Sugar Daddies

Here are some common DO's and DON'Ts for sugar daddies to keep in mind at all times. " First date" DO's and DON'Ts for sugar daddies are covered in a separate article entitled, First Date Do's and Don'ts for Sugar Daddies

THE DOs for Sugar Daddies
1)  DO expect to have sex on every single date with your sugar baby (except the very first date).

2)  DO shower right before you see your sugar baby.

3)  DO shave your face, and also shave yourself downstairs or keep it closely trimmed.

4)  DO be very nice and respectful to your sugar baby all the time.

5)  DO be as generous as you can be with her.  Remember she is dating you because she needs your help.

6)  DO be honest with her at all times.  Don't volunteer information that she won't want to hear but do keep everything concerning your relationship with her honest and open.

7)  DO your best to work with her schedule when figuring out how to see one another.

8)  DO your homework on your sugar baby so there are no unpleasant surprises.  This means going to your local courthouse website, and running her name (if possible) to see if she has any criminal history.  You can also check her out on social media, and google.  This is the same advice I would give anyone who is online dating – just be careful who you date, and make sure you know who you are dealing with.  The fewer the surprises, the better.

THE DON'Ts for Sugar Daddies
1) DON'T be cheap - ever.  Take her to nice places, and be as generous financially with her as you can be.

2)  DON'T be controlling or demanding.  Neither of those qualities will make you attractive to her (or anyone else).

3)  DON'T brag.  No one ever enjoys hearing someone brag about themselves - it is just not attractive, so don't do it.

4)  DON'T discuss any of your own personal drama with her.  She has her own drama, and wants to spend drama-free time with you.

5)  DON'T create any drama with her.  Again, she has her own drama elsewhere in her life, so be part of the solution (and not create any additional problems).

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If this site seems expensive to a sugar baby, then remember that you will recover the 3-month fees by the second date with your new sugar daddy.  Why the "second date"?  Because it is always best and safe to keep your first date only conversational - and use that first date as an "interview" for the second date, and beyond.  Always be safe!!!

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