First Date Do's and Don'ts for Sugar Babies

Here are some very important First Date DO's and DON'Ts for sugar babies ...

1)  DO be careful and safe - which means meet in a public place like a restaurant.  If he won't spring for a meal for your first date, then he is not for real and don't agree to meet him.

2)  DO your homework on him - which means find out as much information about him as soon as you can, and then do some research on him to make sure he is who he says he is.  This means looking as his Facebook page, his linkedin profile.  You can google him.  Just know who you are dealing with.  You shouldn't tell him you are researching him - but if he asks you about it, then just tell him simply that you are not stalking him, you just want to know who he is.  You should also look at your local court website to see if he has any arrest records, if possible.  If something does not seem or look right, then don't go any further with him - as all successful sugar relationships involve honesty and trust.

3)  DO discuss his vision for the allowance, but not until the very end of the first date.  You can simply ask him what his thoughts are about the allowance, and then let him talk.  If he avoids the subject, then he is not for real – and you should not continue with him.

4)  DO give him a kiss at the end of the first date - assuming you are interested in him.  This does not need to be a make out style kiss – just give him a quick one that lets him know you are definitely interested in him.  Use your best judgment.

5)  DON'T have sex with him on the first date.  The first date should only be a conversation - an interview.  If he insists on sex on the first date, then something is wrong - and you should get out of there.

6)  DON'T ask him about his wife or girlfriend.  He may volunteer that information during your first date, but don't bring it up.

7)  DON'T ask him to take you to some ridiculously expensive restaurant on the first date.  Just keep everything casual for that first date.  A normal restaurant is just fine.

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If this site seems expensive to a sugar baby, then remember that you will recover the entire 3-month fee by the second date with your new sugar daddy.  Why the "second date"?  Because it is always best and safe to keep your first date only conversational - and use that first date as an "interview" for the second date, and beyond.  Always be safe!!!

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