Be a Great Sugar Daddy

Here are some ideas about how you can be a great sugar daddy.

1)  Be nice and respectful at all times.
If you are nice to your sugar baby, and respectful toward her all of the time, then she will genuinely like you and care about you.  And that makes the entire sugar relationship experience best for everyone. 2)  Be as generous as you can.
Being generous is relative - never be cheap with her.  Take her to nice places.  Be good to her financially.  Remember that the reason she is with you is so that you can help her out, and so that she can experience the finer side of life.

3)  Be clean.
This means shower before you see her, and keep your hair down below shaved or closely trimmed.  Have good hygiene overall.  You should be doing these things regardless – because you want to be considered attractive, right?

4)  Be as accommodating as possible with her schedule.
Your sugar baby has a life, too - and so you want to try your best to align your schedule to hers when you plan to meet up together.  She will do her best to accommodate you, but just try to be flexible.  The more accommodating you are, the more likely this relationship will continue.

5)  Don't ever be demanding.
Being demanding about anything is unattractive - so never be that way.  Don't be a jerk!

6)  Always be honest with one another about everything.
This does not mean to spill your baggage by bringing your drama into the picture.  Being honest and open does mean that you should listen to your sugar baby.  A sugar baby may seek your advice regarding school or her career - so always give her your best advice.  Remember - you are the successful one, so help her out with advice if she asks for it.  Don't offer her any advice though if she does not ask for it - as that could be misinterpreted as interfering in her life.

7)  Never brag.
You may be a pretty big deal, and like to talk about yourself - but don't do that around your sugar baby.  Most people don't like enjoy listening to people who brag about anything - as it's unattractive.

How do you find a Sugar Baby near you?  There are a handful of different websites or apps available, but really there is just one sugar daddy site that is currently regarded as "the best" ... which means by joining, you are most likely to find what you are looking for in the shortest possible time, regardless of where you live.

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