Sugar Baby Allowance

What is an appropriate sugar baby allowance? It usually depends on a number of things, such as:

• How hot is the sugar baby?
• How much can the sugar daddy afford?
• How often will you see one another?
• What is acceptable to both parties in terms of an allowance?

Let's go through these one by one ...

How hot is the sugar baby?
The hotter you are, the greater are your chances of bringing in higher allowances.  Most sugar babies are not what I call "extraordinarily good-looking" - most are pretty, or have one or more really nice features such as great boobs, or a great ass, etc.  If you are none of these, and consider yourself a "normal-looking" woman, then DON'T UNDERESTIMATE YOURSELF ... because a wealthy man in his 40s or 50s will find even a normal-looking woman in her 20s to be very hot!  So you might be hot, and not even really know it!

How much can the sugar daddy afford?
Sometimes sugar babies over-estimate what a sugar daddy can afford.  Bottom line is you have to ask him - and you want to do that BEFORE you sleep with him.  Usually you would want to discuss this at the very end of your first date when you actually meet him face-to-face the first time.

You need to keep a few things in mind when thinking about how much a sugar daddy can afford.  First of all, if he is a high income earner, then he likely is paying up to 50 percent of his earnings in taxes.  So if he tells you he is making $250,000 per year, then between income and property taxes, it is likely that he is taking home about half of that, or $125,000 in this example ... which is roughly $10,416 per month.  A sugar daddy who makes this amount of money, and who is not married might be able to afford $600/week or $2400/month for you.  If he makes a lot more, or is super-wealthy, then he might be able to afford a lot more.  I use the $250,000/year example because many sugar daddies I know are in this particular income bracket.

How often will you see one another?
How often you see one another depends on the sugar daddy's schedule.  Once or twice a week is most common, if you live close to one another.  If there is distance involved, then it could be less frequent.  If he is married, then that can also affect how often you see him.  In some cases, when there is distance involved, then it might be practical to spend a night or two in a hotel together.  Usually, a sugar daddy and sugar baby live in the same city, and so you more typically hang out for several hours together (and not spend the night).  Sex is expected every single time you see one another.

What is acceptable to both parties in terms of an allowance?
The way I recommend you proceed is - agree to meet the other person for a first date.  Don't sleep with anyone at the end of the first date - that first date should be more of a mutual interview.  [Same is true for anyone you meet via any online dating site, right???]  Assuming you seem to like one another during that first date "interview", and assuming you want to give a sugar relationship with this person a try, then at the very end of the first date, you should discuss the concept of the allowance.  The sugar baby can simply say, "As far as an allowance goes, how much can you afford?"  Remember it is common to "pay as you go", especially at first ... which means the sugar daddy gives the sugar baby cash every time he sees her.  If the sugar relationship goes really well, then several months later, you can discuss other types of allowances - such as a monthly amount, or directly paying for things, etc.

How do you get a sugar daddy relationship going right now?  Best thing to do is to join the best sugar daddy dating website, with full (paid) privileges for 90 days.  Why ninety days?  Well, just like with traditional online dating sites or apps, finding a great relationship takes time, and three months is really the absolute minimum for you to find the best of what you are looking for.  The best sugar daddy dating site currently is:

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Can you get by with a basic (non-paying) membership?  It's unlikely you will succeed with a free or basic membership.  Always best to sign up for a full membership, and give it at least 90 days to see how it goes (just like with any online dating site).  Full/paid membership privileges give you the ability to search near you, and to communicate freely with everyone.  If you are a potential sugar daddy, and cannot afford to pay for a full membership for three months, then you won't be able to afford being a sugar daddy.

If the site seems expensive to a sugar baby, then remember that you will recover the entire 3-month fee by the second date with your new sugar daddy.  Why the "second date"?  Because it is always best and safe to keep your first date only conversational - and use that first date as an "interview" for the second date, and beyond.  Always be safe!!!

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