What do sugar babies do?

Here is what sugar babies do.  A sugar baby is a woman who participates in an arranged relationship with a sugar daddy who helps her out financially in exchange for her affection.  This arranged relationship is ongoing - which means the parties involved see one another regularly.

Usually, the sugar daddy is older - often in his 40s or 50s.  And usually the sugar baby is a woman in her 20s or 30s.  These sugar relationships are NSA - which means "no strings attached", and often last for months or years.  You do have to LIKE the other party and enjoy their company for this type of relationship to work out over time (just like any other relationship).

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How do you get a sugar daddy relationship going right now?  Best thing to do is to join the best sugar daddy dating website, with full (paid) privileges for 90 days each.  Why ninety days?  Well, just like with traditional online dating sites or apps, finding a great relationship takes time, and three months is really the absolute minimum for you to find the best of what you are looking for.  The best sugar daddy dating site currently is:

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For SugarDaddyforMe.com, you want to sign up and pay for the "Gold Membership + Total Access" which is $54.85 for month, and give it at least 3 months.

Can you get by with a basic (non-paying) membership?  It's unlikely you will succeed with a free or basic membership.  Always best to sign up for a full membership, and give it at least 90 days to see how it goes (just like with any online dating site).  Full/paid membership privileges give you the ability to search near you, and to communicate freely with everyone.  If you are a potential sugar daddy, and cannot afford to pay for a full membership for three months, then you won't be able to afford being a sugar daddy.

If the site seems expensive to a sugar baby, then remember that you will recover your entire 3-month fees by the second date with your new sugar daddy.  Why the "second date"?  Because it is always best and safe to keep your first date only conversational - and use that first date as an "interview" for the second date, and beyond.  Always be safe!!!

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