Zoosk US - Review

The Zoosk dating site has evolved over the years and became one of the most versatile and reassuring dating app available.

From its early days in 2007, the dating site has connected people and helped them build a lasting bond. With operations in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom, Zoosk has made a name for themselves, and with their over 1 million monthly users, they stand amongst the best.

Zoosk, an offshoot of Facebook, also runs a mobile API system that allows users to access the dating site on their mobile device for easy accessibility. The SmartPick technology, a Behavioral Matchmaking engine, has a reputation for being one of the best with its proven track record.


• The Zoosk dating site can be accessed through any mobile device.
• Users can register on Zoosk using their Facebook profile.
• All user profile is sufficiently verified to eradicate the possibilities of catfishing.
• The dating site also has a wide database of prospective matches.

Sign Up Process

For user registration, Zoosk provides several means through which users can Sign-Up to the dating site. Registration is easily accessible using the Zoosk Facebook App or Zoosk website. The Sign-Up process is free and easy to use. Once a new user signs up, they have to go through a profile verification used to confirm their identity. A text and confirmation code would also be sent to their phone and email for proper confirmation and documentation.

Once this has been completed, users input personal information and personal interest to bolster their profile during matchmaking.

Matchmaking and Search Functions

For easy matches, users input their preference in partners during registration. This helps with easy navigation through the dating sites and allow user meet like-minded or compatible individuals. Once users log on to the dating site, they can access the search option to search for users that match their preferences.

The matchmaking function, which uses the SmartPick technology, uses a carousel interface to connect users based on their compatibility levels. Users could utilize any of the Play, Interested, and Mutual sections for increased match compatibility.

Features and Communication tools

Communication plays a vital role in how dating sites operate and improves the possibility of matchmaking. For Zoosk, several features aid this possibility, such as smiles and Likes, Messages, Super Send, and Connections. These features are designed to bring the users together and provide an increased user experience.

The Views and Notification feature helps users experience their desirability and know those who went through their profile. This way, the user gets an instant notification on who could be interested in them and lead to a probable match.


The Zoosk dating site offers users a dual option for pricing, namely the Free and Paid option. The paid option gives users the full premium package where users enjoy all the dating sites' features instead of the limited free version. Users would easily enjoy the dating app due to its many features when using the premium package. The pricing on Zoosk are as follow:

• $29 for one month
• $19.8 per month for the three-month plan
• $12.49 per month for the six-month plan
• $12.49 per month for the one-year plan

Find Love on Zoosk

Finding love on Zoosk has been made easy through the several unique features offered by the dating site. The Zoosk dating site is an excellent choice for users who are new to dating sites and would love to explore and find compatible matches.

With well-designed features and the utilization of sophisticated matchmaking technology, users can meet suitable matches that are sure to end beautifully.

The only thing needed from the user is to put in their correct personal information and effectively communicate with other users. With years of bringing couples together, the Zoosk dating site is a great option for newbies looking to start a long-lasting and beautiful relationship.