Zoosk US - Review

Dating site Zoosk has been growing for a long time and now it has become one of the top and also, one of the most convenient and reliable sites for finding new people.

For the first time, the site made a name for itself in 2007 and back then, the dating service helped find people as well as build a strong connection. The site has operated in the US, Canada and the UK, Zoosk has reached over 1 million monthly users it honestly deserves the name of one of the best.

Zoosk connects with Facebook and its integrated API system makes it easy for users to access the dating site on their mobile devices. Its unique SmartPick technology, a new behavioral picking mechanism, is highly rated due to its verified reputation among users


– The Zoosk dating site is accessible from a mobile device.
– Users can log in to Zoosk using their Facebook account.
– All user profiles are carefully verified to exclude the possibility of a fake or fraudulent account.
– This site also has a huge database of potential partners.

Subscription process

For Successful user registration, Zoosk offers several ways to help new users register on the dating site. The registration process is easy and can be done using the Zoosk Facebook App or the Zoosk website. The registration process for new users is free and very simple. As soon as a new user registers, he has to verify his personal profile. This step is required to verify the identity of the user. The text and the verification code will be sent to the phone, as well as to the e-mail for proper confirmation and documentation.

After completing the verification step, the user enters personal information about himself and personal interests to customize his profile during the search for new acquaintances.

Matchmaking and Search Functions

To simplify the selection of new partners, users enter their preferences when registering. This helps the system easily find the desired partners in the database and allows users to meet like-minded people. Once a user is logged in, he or she can use the partner search option to find users who match their preferences.

Zoosk has a matching function that uses SmartPick technology, a user-friendly interface allows users to find partners based on their level of compatibility.

You can use any of the Play, Interested, and Mutual sections to increase compatibility.

Communication features and tools

Communication plays an important role in the operation of dating sites and enhances the matchmaking experience. On Zoosk, several features such as emoticons and Likes, messages, Super Send, and Connections contribute to this ability. These features are designed to bring users closer together and provide a better user experience.

The Views and Notifications feature helps users feel attracted and recognize those who have viewed their profile. This way, the user is instantly notified of who might be interested in them and leads to a likely meeting.


The Zoosk dating site allows users to choose between two pricing plans, namely free and premium. The premium plan allows users to use the full premium package, in which users enjoy all the features of the dating site instead of the limited free version. With the premium package, users can enjoy the dating app because of its many features. Prices for Zoosk are as follows:

• $29 for one month
• $19.8 per month for the three-month plan
• $12.49 per month for the six-month plan
• $12.49 per month for the one-year plan 

Find love on Zoosk

Finding love on Zoosk has become much easier thanks to several unique features the dating site offers. Zoosk is a great choice for those who are just getting started with the dating site and would like to explore and find new relationships.

The application has many clever features in compatibility using sophisticated matching technology from a database, users can find compatible couples who are sure to be perfect for each other.

The only thing required of the user is to enter personal information correctly and communicate politely with other users.  The Zoosk dating site is a great option for newcomers who want to have a long and wonderful relationship.